The Middle Park Cricket Club proudly presents

Movie Night in the Park

What is this movie night you speak of?

Movie Night in the Park featuring the movie UP

"Movie night in the park"
is an open air cinema night run by the funny lads of the Middle Park Cricket Club

Give me the deets man!

You can also join our Facebook group to find out more.

Where is movie night?

In Albert Park...somewhere

Movie night location - Beaurepaire Pavilion, Aughtie Dve, Albert Park 3206, Victoria Australia

Beaurepaire Pavilion, Aughtie Dve
Albert Park 3206
Victoria Australia

What do I need to bring?

Not much really.

Maybe some warmish clothes
(as it tends to get chilli at night).

Food, soft drink and adult drinks will be
available at genuine 1982 prices from the club house.

This is a genuine community event that is sponsored by Bendigo Bank and put on by the lads from the Middle Park Cricket such, we'd appreciate seeing you on the night (but we'd appreciate it more if you got a possee together and came along).

Bendigo Bank South Melbourne